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of classic literature, books and novels at Planet eBook. Subscribe to our free eBooks blog and email newsletter. Great Expectations. By Charles Dickens. By Charles Dickens () the aforesaid, and over and over again aforesaid, Charles. Darnay Charles Darnay was soon recruiting his strength with a. Charles Dickens. POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF THE PICKWICK CLUB. CHAPTER I. THE PICKWICKIANS. THE first ray of light which illumines the gloom , and.

He shut off, and put his brake on, but the train drifted past here a hundred and fifty yards or more. I ran after it, and, as I went along, heard terrible screams and cries.

A beautiful young lady had died instantaneously in one of the compartments, and was brought in here, and laid down on this floor between us. Precisely as it happened, so I tell it you.

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The wind and the wires took up the story with a long lamenting wail. He resumed. The spectre came back, a week ago. Ever since, it has been there, now and again, by fits and starts. It calls to me, for many minutes together, in an agonised manner, "Below there! It rings my little bell' I caught at that.

My eyes were on the bell, and my ears were open to the bell, and if I am a living man, it did NOT ring at those times. No, nor at any other time, except when it was rung in the natural course of physical things by the station communicating with you.

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I have never confused the spectre's ring with the man's. The ghost's ring is a strange vibration in the bell that it derives from nothing else, and I have not asserted that the bell stirs to the eye. I don't wonder that you failed to hear it.

But I heard it. I opened the door, and stood on the step, while he stood in the doorway. There, was the Danger-light.

There, was the dismal mouth of the tunnel. There, were the high wet stone walls of the cutting. There, were the stars above them. His eyes were prominent and strained; but not very much more so, perhaps, than my own had been when I had directed them earnestly towards the same spot.

We went in again, shut the door, and resumed our seats. I was thinking how best to improve this advantage, if it might be called one, when he took up the conversation in such a matter of course way, so assuming that there could be no serious question of fact between us, that I felt myself placed in the weakest of positions.

Where is the danger? There is danger overhanging, somewhere on the Line. Some dreadful calamity will happen. It is not to be doubted this third time, after what has gone before. But surely this is a cruel haunting of me. What can I do?

Charles Dickens Books

They would think I was mad. This is the way it would workMessage: "Danger! Take care!

But for God's sake take care! What else could they do? It was the mental torture of a conscientious man, oppressed beyond endurance by an unintelligible responsibility involving life. So I had to leave school when I was 12 and go to work. What did you do?

I had to paste labels on pots of boot blacking. It was very dirty and difficult and a very unhappy period for me. How did you start your writing? Well, when I was 20, I began work on a newspaper as a junior journalist. While I was a journalist I saw a lot of terrible poverty in London and decided I wanted to put my experiences and observations into my writing, particularly in Oliver Twist.

What was London like in those years? I was 20 in , the year in which I started writing. Conditions were dreadful for many people.

Children started work in factories at the age of 6 — can you believe it? Diseases like typhus and cholera were very common, and the houses of the working people usually did not have an inside toilet, and no running water.

Gradgrind frowned, and waved off the objectionable calling with his hand. Very well, then. Describe your father as a horsebreaker. He doctors sick horses, I dare say?

He is a veterinary surgeon, a farrier, and horsebreaker.

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Give me your definition of a horse. Gradgrind, for the general behoof of all the little pitchers.

Bitzer, yours. For, the boys and girls sat on the face of the inclined plane in two compact bodies, divided up the centre by a narrow interval; and Sissy, being at the corner of a row on the sunny side, came in for the beginning of a sunbeam, of which Bitzer, being at the corner of a row on the other side, a few rows in advance, caught the end.

But, whereas the girl was so dark-eyed and dark-haired, that she seemed to receive a deeper and more lustrous colour from the sun, when it shone upon her, the boy was so light-eyed and light-haired that the self-same rays appeared to draw out of him what little colour he ever possessed. His cold eyes would hardly have been eyes, but for the short ends of lashes which, by bringing them into immediate contrast with something paler than themselves, expressed their form.New to ebooks?

I loved the colours of the country.

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He is considered the father of the modern fire brigade and also wrote what could be considered the first textbook on the subject of fire science in [ 2 ]. It rings my little bell' I caught at that.

Click here to download a pdf. The paper provides insights into the risks of fire, statistics of fire occurrences, and causes of fires during the Victorian period.

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