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Single Bellows Axial Vibration Constants were revised.

In order to evaluate the loads upon piping, supports, or equipment, it is necessary to determine the axial forces and moments required to move an Expansion Joint. This includes standard conversions in addition to constants used in calculations.

In order to evaluate the loads upon piping, supports, or equipment, it is necessary to determine the lateral forces and moments required to move an Expansion Joint. This is not torsional rotation. Angular rotation is occasionally referred to as rotational movement and is shown in LBS per degree.


Yield strength at design temperature, unless otherwise djma, of bellows material after completion of bellows forming and any applicable heat treatment. Bellows tangent circumferential membrane stress due to internal pressure.

A new E-book version of the new 10th Edition Standards can be downloaded to your PC, laptop or tablet. Axial force or pressure thrust is caused by the internal pressure of the bellows.

Column squirm is defined as a gross lateral shift of the centre section of the bellows. In-plane squirm is defined as a shift or rotation of the plane dtandards one or more convolutions such that the plane of these convolutions is no longer perpendicular to the axis of the bellows. This condition is most associated with bellows which have a relatively large length-to-diameter ration and is similar to the buckling of a column under compressive standarfs.

EJMA 10th Edition is the most current edition and supersedes all previous publications.

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Axial Working Spring Rate: A new approach was developed for the design of reinforced bellows, standdards in a modified set of equations for some stress components and for the spring rates. Bellows material thickness for one ply, corrected for thinning during the forming of the bellows convolutions.

Abstract Purpose: To compare different macular thickness parameters and peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer RNFL thickness between recently diagnosed cases of multiple sclerosis MS without optic neuropathy ON and healthy individuals.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was performed between June and June All subjects underwent ocular and retinal examination.

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Spectral domain optical coherence tomography SD-OCT was used to measure the thickness of different layers of the retina at macular and peripapillary regions and at different quadrants. Results: There were 32 eyes in the MS group and 74 eyes in the control group.

The thickness of the RNFL did not statistically differ in each of the quadrants between groups. Conclusion: The macular ganglion cell complex mGCC parameters were significantly reduced in recently diagnosed cases of MS as compared to healthy individuals.

Keywords: Multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis, optical coherence tomography Multiple sclerosis MS is a disorder characterized by inflammation and neuroaxonal degeneration that leads to irreversible disability.

These retinal layers have been studied to understand the pathophysiology of MS. It is linked to vitamin D deficiency and high consanguinity in the region. This study evaluated the thickness of different macular parameters and peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer RNFL at different quadrants in recently diagnosed MS patients without ON and compared these measurements to those of healthy individuals to determine their role in early detection of axonal damage in MS patients.

A diagnosis of previous ON was established for all eyes separately based on a clinical history of ON as assessed by interview and scrutiny of patient records. VEP to 50 arc minutes pattern reversal 3 Hz achromatic checks were recorded according to standard procedures over Oz midline occipital electrode of the international 10—20 system, with the reference being Cz in agreement with established recommendations [ 12 ].


We used an Alpine Biomed device with the software Dantec keypoint. VEP amplitudes and latencies were compared with the normative data available at our laboratory and rated as pathologic or normal.

VEP recordings were available from 73 MS eyes. Healthy controls The 40 HC were age-matched volunteers who were not financially compensated for participating in the study. Three independent peripapillary ring scans were performed with each algorithm.They were announced on 30 December to celebrate the year passed and mark the beginning of George Washington Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Last but not least, documents can be protected with a password, and you can set user permissions e.

A patient with a history of any retinal disease or ON, including glaucoma, refractive error of 4. It provides the user with PDF to ePub preset rules or to employ custom rules to the ePub conversion process.

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Results Thirty-two eyes were enrolled in the MS group and 74 eyes in the control group. Aug 07, The dials are fitted with flat springs, sounds like they needs a good clean. Sort By

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