THE SECRET is Rhonda Byrne's first international bestseller. Audio Sample Book: 1. The Great Secret of Life. Author Rhonda Byrne, like each of us, has. How The Secret Changed My Life – Audiobook Download. Book 5 | Audiobook Best Young Adult Non-Fiction, International Book Awards. Explore Now. The Secret (Audible Audio Edition): Rhonda Byrne, Simon & Schuster Audio: Books.

The Secret Book Audio Edition

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Listen to Secret audiobook by Rhonda Byrne. The tenth-anniversary edition of the book that changed lives in profound ways, now with a new . I do get the positive thought process of this audio book however the reader lost me half way. Fragments of this Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and Publisher, Simon & Schuster Audio. Unabridged Edition. Download Free Audio Books of great works by Twain, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Frances Hodgson - The Secret Garden (Read by Karen Gillan) - Free iTunes.

After 30 minutes of listening I put in the last cd and listened to the last 5 minutes.

There was no change, it was just as dull in the end. I wasted a rental getting this book and then didn't even listen to the whole thing, I couldn't. Save yourself! Don't rent this book!

Daily Teachings

It is not worth the 3 stars the average gives it. Donec in tortor in lectus iaculis vulputate. Sed aliquam, urna ut sollicitudin molestie, lacus justo aliquam mauris, interdum aliquam sapien nisi cursus mauris. Nunc hendrerit tortor vitae est placerat ut varius erat posuere. Duis ut nisl in mi eleifend faucibus egestas aliquet arcu. Nam id enim sapien. Nam interdum justo eget nisi pulvinar et condimentum orci bibendum.

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Donec scelerisque, urna id tincidunt ultrices, nisi nisl lacinia mi, at pellentesque enim mi eu felis. Nullam malesuada egestas tincidunt. Pellentesque nec risus dui. Fusce sed nibh eu odio posuere semper. I feel smarter.

I feel accomplished. They won me over because it was perfect for me, a busy mom of four. But then I started thinking my kids could benefit from this, too! After I found my secret book weapon , I started preparing for our upcoming school year. And I found SO many of the books on my wish list.

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That is what turned my secret book weapon into my secret homeschool book weapon!! It is so wonderful, we have already started listening to some of the audio books I found. What makes my secret homeschool book weapon so wonderful is: It includes both e-books and audiobooks!

I am a recent convert to the joy of listening to podcasts whilst doing the household duties in my day. I have switched my late-night binge-watch into a late-night binge-listen because of podcasts. But I was reluctant to transition to audiobooks because we already have an site Prime subscription, a Netflix subscription, a Hulu subscription, and a Spotify Premium Family subscription.

Oh, and we have Sirius in the car. My secret book weapon solves that problem for me by providing the best of both audio and e-books!! We are a read-aloud family that book, The Read-Aloud Family , is available there, too! But we are busy, too. It is so nice to be able to put on an audiobook for my kids to listen to while I am feeding the baby or reading to our toddler in another room. This Publisher: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Running Time.

A Tribute to Dr. Wayne W.

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Dyer by Marianne Williamson. Review this title. Reviewer Warriorwhitacre. Reviewer bigthowell. I really enjoyed everything about these cds. The beliefs come from a long list of amazing people.

It has inspired me to be the best!

I have since continued to look for more info on the subjects mentioned in these wonderful cds.Comments and emails, and strangers connecting with me because of this review.

There was no change, it was just as dull in the end. He could read an instruction manual, and I would find it compelling. Follow Us On.

I’ve Got The Secret

We are still accomplishing our homeschool book list reading, but I am not always the one that has to read. Karma are simplified and described as a "secret" that only the elite are aware of.

This is, at least, the conclusion I draw from the book's teachings. Bullshit, on the other hand, bullshit sells well, for a time -- perhaps even for a long time -- but it's not exactly a worthwhile endeavor.

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I love reading books miserably . Look over my other articles. I have always been a very creative person and find it relaxing to indulge in bat and trap.