Nine Ball: Confessions of an Angst-Ridden Maniac Who Decided to Get Laid or Die Trying - site edition by Jeff Allen. Download it once and read it on your. Nine Ball. Confessions of an Angst-Ridden Maniac Who Decided to. Get Laid or Die Trying. Jeff Allen Real Social Dynamics. Confessions of an Angst-Ridden Maniac Who Decided to Get Laid or Die Trying. Jeff Allen. Nenhuma oferta encontrada. ISBN ISBN

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Read Nine Ball PDF - Confessions of an Angst-Ridden Maniac Who Decided to Get Laid or Die Trying by Jeff Allen | There are a few. Nine Ball PDF Jeff Allen Confessions of an Angst-Ridden Maniac Who Decided.. There are a few auto-biographical. Nine Ball: Confessions of an Angst-Ridden Maniac Who Decided to Get Laid or Jeff Allen. · Rating details · ratings · 22 reviews. In the beginning.

The Bottom Line I'd recommend this particularly for guys who are starting to become successful with women.

At this point it will offer some great food for thought at what you should be doing with your skills to actually gain 'satisfaction' from them.

You may also just enjoy it for the entertaining look into the history of a well known pick up artist. Comments 0 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you?

Attract Women Through Ho The books are identical. This is an autobiographical account of Jeff Allen Jeffy from Real Social Dynamics in his early years of learning to pick up women - it covers the years between and of his life that were dedicated to learning to pick up and seduce women.

Part 1: The Origin of Jlaix - How to wake-up from a nightmarish relationship - The core reason most guys fail at life - The three steps Jeffy swore his life to in order to master his life over women - How to survive a psychotic family episode - The truth about your parents, how to cope with their secret lives - How Jeff totally blew it with a "coulda-been" high school sweet heart - The reality about what kind of man it takes to handle a real relationship - How to recognize if sexual tension triggers embarrassment Part 2: Let The Game Begin - The first 3 epiphanies that molded Jeffy's game for life - The original NLP routine Jeff discovered broken down in chilling detail - How to say 7 words to silence an entire party in gleeful awe - The fundamental piece of advice that Jeffy learned from Tyler - How to attract coked-up strippers - How to identify core road-blocks botching your every pickup attempt - 3 step system for overcoming scarcity - How to blast through bitch shields - How to manipulate your girlfriend into thinking anything you tell her - How to write the perfect chode email - How to awaken animalistic lust in your heart - The two must have ingredients in outer-game - How to lure a girl to your house from the internet Part 3: The Legend is Born - The epic tale of Jeffy's very first RSD workshop with Tyler - How to control a hyper-obsessive, validation addicted ego - The reason that Jeff was able to flawlessly execute routines - How to rebound from being played by a girl - Epiphany in giving value unveiled - How to bang a giant Nazi woman Part 4: Into the Belly of the Beast - How to soar past a cloud of 10 pretentious hipsters - How to handle a violent AMOG - How to be inspired to step up - Pivot Threesome Training Guide - Six steps to implementing a successful tandem relationship - Step by step instructions to a threesome - How to manipulate emotions with such efficiency - How to get oral sex from a girl at a karaoke bar Part 5: The Road Back - How to accidentally give your roommate their first threesome experience - How to cultivate an online hate group - How to overcome last-minute resistance - How to eradicate junk game from your life - How to manage an off night properly so that you never get frustrated - How to get your old female tandem hunting partner to train your new one - The mistake most guys make in the meta-gaming process Part 6: Resurrection - How to successfully reset your game in any country - The 2 paths to attracting women - The 4 pillars of outer game - How to adopt the perfect frame that makes failure impossible - How to game a girl on an airplane - How to attain total presence - How Jeffy finally actualized his path and purpose - The most effective way to embrace a total abundance mentality.

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Click "Submit" to send your review! January 03, Jeffy, I attended your seminar in Boston about 16 months ago, and it propelled me into this journey.

PDF - Nine Ball

To see the transformation of you owning who you are is something special. To see how someone who was trully scared as a child, to be one of the most present people I have ever meet. The last pages opened my eyes to true transformations and being you. Thank you , Jeffy! What a ride. You really cut to the bone and laid it out on the table for our sake. I cried. I laughed. I popped a boner or two. I was scared. I am now exhausted. I'll confess that I hated the jlaix persona during the middle chunk because he was such a "game tyrant on a rampage".

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But as you say, we react negatively towards the things that remind us of the worst parts of ourselves. I was stuck in that dead zone myself and I had to put the book down fearing I'd snap back into that ugly space.

If anybody is concerned about whether or not they can be educated "game"-wise from this I've found that the more I understand myself, accept myself, and love myself in a genuinely self confident way - nothing airy fairy the more "game" becomes a lot of pig latin and I just enjoy being a genuinely cool guy that is attractive just because.

This story is like a man's soul laid out on paper, his journey of self actualizing.

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Completely relevant and if you're a red-blooded man on this planet it will put a lot of things into perspective. I had to stop reading for at least 5 min just to catch my air. You will get your moneys worth.

In the words of jeffy: I loved the Beginning and loved the end. But the more senior dating coaches kept this rather negative view to themselves note: To learn about other recounts of the dark side see Men who become obsessive about dating advice.

Some of the lows Jeffy goes through are relatively self destructive, and when he gets to a point where he sees the hate that a lot of women he has met have towards him he hits an all time low. This is not unusual. It is a journey that has been repeated by many men, and for this reason the account can be invaluable reading to an open minded beginner - who wants to avoid the pitfalls of success. Historic Run Through Older Pick Up Techniques The book was pretty nostalgic if 'shuddering' for me personally, because Jeff highlights a lot of the techniques he used as he walks us through his early days of learning to meet, attract and pick up women.

Why shuddering? A lot of the techniques that were used back in and where the largest part of Jeffy's narrative takes place have since been passed over. The Player: Bostjan Belingar. EUR 9, The Way of the Superior Man: David Deida.

EUR 8, Produktbeschreibungen Kurzbeschreibung There are a few auto-biographical and biographical style books that have come out. Produktinformation Format: site Media EU S. Englisch ASIN: Aktiviert X-Ray: Nicht aktiviert. Keine Kundenrezensionen. Sagen Sie Ihre Meinung zu diesem Artikel.

Kundenrezension verfassen. Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf site. Verifizierter Kauf. Great story and I love the work Jeff does but I'm really confused by how poorly formatted this book was I got the ebook.

Many many times during the book I struggled reading it due to random spaces in the middle of words, combined words, and random blank pages.Oct 22, Ron Santos rated it liked it. This book shows how Jeff has grown as a person.

I think it's easy to criticize somebody's book, but at the end of the day this is a HIS story and I found it entertaining.

Nine Ball: Confessions of an Angst-Ridden Maniac Who Decided to Get Laid or Die Trying

Refresh and try again. Anger can be a fuel.

A lot of the techniques that were used back in and where the largest part of Jeffy's narrative takes place have since been passed over. This was an interesting read, albeit somewhat disappointing. Oct 12, Karim Zane rated it liked it.

A lot of the techniques that were used back in and where the largest part of Jeffy's narrative takes place have since been passed over.

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