Enfocus is a software company that offers solutions for PDF productivity and Create print ready Certified PDF files from any application without having to worry . Do you spend hours checking customers' PDF files for errors? PitStop Pro automatically detects pretty much every possible error in PDF files. PitStop Pro also lets you manually edit almost everything in a PDF file without leaving Adobe Acrobat. We provide specialist Digital publication consultancy services UK Wide to bring our expertise and experience to your ePub and Interactive PDF projects.

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Certified PDF was developed by Enfocus Software (now a part of Esko). Enfocus have integrated Certified PDF technology in their own products such as PitStop. These are Enfocus 'Certified PDF' and the Ghent Workgroup 'Universal Proof of Preflight'. Essentially both systems allow a preflight application to embed. Enfocus PitStop Pro – the indispensable Adobe Acrobat plug-in to check, edit and Embedded Certified PDF technology digitally signs your PDF files to ensure.

The must-have preflighting and manual PDF editing tool which plugs into Adobe Acrobat Pitstop Server is the indispensable tool for volume PDF preflighting and automated correction Amazing publishing workflow automation for sorting file types and functional automated processing Fix last-minute problems in seconds Enfocus PitStop Pro — the indispensable Adobe Acrobat plug-in to check, edit and correct PDF files. Now with Smart Preflight and correction and smarter text editing. Automate your preflight process Enfocus PitStop Server — is a standalone application using Hot Folder processing to automatically preflight and fix PDF files ready for any production environment.

What PitStop Pro does

Switch is a modular software solution that integrates with existing systems and drives third party applications to speed up job processing, reduce errors, and automate repetitive tasks. An extensive array of editing tools makes it easy to do last-minute corrections, both for individual objects and globally throughout the complete PDF document.

The tools in PitStop Pro are completely production oriented and allow you to tackle those problems you actually experience in your workflows. The industry-standard preflight engine in PitStop Pro checks all aspects of your PDF files and pinpoints exactly where the problems are. To avoid this, check that there are no empty pages in the file.

This ensures that agencies do not group multiple ads in a single file, making it too easy to accidentally place an incorrect ad. Text Files should not contain black text that is smaller than 12 points and set to knock-out.

This is necessary because it is very difficult to print such text. Even the smallest alignment problem on the press can cause such text to become illegible. Check if the PDF contains white text set to overprint. Such text may be visible when the text is watched on-screen but it disappears in print. Very small text quickly becomes either illegible or difficult to print when it is colored.

GWG recommends to flag any files with text smaller or equal to 5 points 8 points for newsprint. When it is colored with 2 or more colorants, text should not be smaller than 9 points 10 points for newsprint.

Fonts All fonts should be included in the PDF file. This is done to avoid that an incorrect font is used, which could lead to text becoming illegible or part of the text disappearing.

Why preflight PDF files?

When a certain font is not available during the PDF creation, it typically gets replaced by Courier. To avoid printing a PDF with missing fonts, check that no Courier font is present in the file.

Images Images need to have a certain minimum resolution to be printed at a good quality. The required resolution depends on the type of printing. That is why the preflight process should check if all image resolutions exceed a minimum threshold value.

PitStop Pro. Print-ready PDF files. Every time.

GWG recommends rejecting files containing color and grayscale images with a resolution below ppi for newsprint and ppi for commercial offset work.

For 1-bit images anything below ppi is considered unacceptable.

Many preflight applications can already give a warning when the image resolution gets dangerously close to these minimum values. Images that have a resolution that is too high lead to bloated files that take longer to transmit or process.

For newsprint GWG sets the maximum resolution to ppi for color or grayscale images and ppi for 1-bit images. For commercial print using offset presses, the maximum resolution is set to ppi for color or greyscale images and ppi for 1-bit images.

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Defining a maximum resolution is somewhat controversial: if this problem gets resolved by downsampling images, this can cause issues with special types of images such as security elements. Some users also argue that large file sizes are no longer the problem that they once were. From their point of view, the risks of downsampling exceed the advantages of limiting the file size.

By checking if white line-art is set to overprint, you avoid that such images disappear on the final output. Theoretically, it is possible to put images that use 16 bits per channel in a PDF file. This leads to bloated files that may cause rendering issues on older RIPs, without any real-world advantage in printing quality. You can even add bleed and do color-managed color conversions on an object-to-object basis - features hard to find in a fully-blown DTP application! For maximum color fidelity, pick the color engine of your choice from a range of industry standard CMS solutions.

If you feel the need for speed, try using PitStop Professional 08's Global Changes which provide easy-to-configure document-wide modifications such as global color or font changes.

System Requirements 1. Adobe Acrobat 7.

Comprehensive Preflighting Made Easy PitStop Professional 08 is not only capable of performing a wide range of checks on just about every imaginable PDF element, it can fix them as well!

The range of possible checks and fixes for diverse PDF problems is huge. But it becomes simple thanks to the intuitive, step-by-step interface that is laid out in categories familiar to print professionals.

Custom Reports and a New Feature-Rich Navigator PitStop Professional 08 preflight reports are now easier to read, print better and can even be customized to match your brand. Preflight reports can also be embedded into the original PDF to provide clear and straightforward information to all users associated with a file.How can you be certain that they did not preflight the file and then made a modification in Acrobat which causes a new problem?

And for those times when you need to make manual changes to a PDF, PitStop Professional 08 provides a host of powerful tools. This means that it is impossible to provide one single set of rules that apply to every possible type of job or printing.

To keep things straightforward, it is best to assume that a file is created unless there are clear guidelines that are known by all parties involved. Services do change from time to time, depending on who we have available and current projects on the go, so it's always best to talk to us to ensure we are the right fit for helping your business. PitStop Professional 08 makes it easy by providing a broad selection of pre-configured PDF Profiles that check and correct all common prepress errors.

Enfocus Switch automates those tasks, standardizing your work and reducing errors. The required resolution depends on the type of printing.

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