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This public document was automatically mirrored from ipprofehaphvol.mlal filename: URL. The Lightning Thief. Topics Percy Jackson. Collectionopensource. Language English. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Identifier. Learn more about Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in the London Borough of Camden digital collection.

Still, this swift and humorous adventure will leave many readers eager for the next installment. Ages up.

Starred review from August 1, Gr -An adventure-quest with a hip edge. At first glance, Perseus Jackson seems like a loser readers meet him at a boarding school for troubled youth , but he's really the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman.


As he discovers his heritage, he also loses that mother and falls into mortal danger. The gods still very active in the 21st-century world are about to go to war over a lost thunderbolt, so Percy and sidekicks Grover a young satyr and Annabeth daughter of Athena set out to retrieve it. Many close calls and monster-attacks later, they enter Hades's realm via L.

A virtuoso description of the Underworld is matched by a later account of Olympus hovering floors above Manhattan.

There's lots of zippy review of Greek myth and legend, and characters like Medusa, Procrustes, Charon, and the Eumenides get updates. Some of the Labors of Heracles or Odysseus's adventures are recycled, but nothing seems stale, and the breakneck pace keeps the action from being too predictable.

Percy is an ADHD, wise-cracking, first-person narrator. Naturally, his real quest is for his own identity. Along the way, such topics as family, trust, war, the environment, dreams, and perceptions are raised.

There is subtle social critique for sophisticated readers who can see it. Although the novel ends with a satisfying conclusion and at least one surprise , it is clear that the story isn't over. The year-old has matured and is ready for another quest, and the villain is at large.

Readers will be eager to follow the young protagonist's next move. I read the manuscripts to them aloud to make sure they work for young readers.

Both are proud, though being teenagers they are also embarrassed by the attention they get sometimes.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1 The Lightning Thief

Recently he came into my office and announced the manuscript he is working on now has a bigger word count than mine! What lessons can kids today learn from the ancient myths?

Riordan: The stories have everything—romance, magic, mystery, action, and great characters. The Greek gods are our first superheroes. They have amazing powers, but they are also very human and subject to jealousy, envy, anger, etc.

Kids especially respond to them because they are both powerful and accessible. What was it like? Those are quite universal. Greece actually reminded me quite a bit of my home in Texas—hot, green, hilly, somewhat arid, except the ocean is much better in Greece.

It seemed a very relevant theme for modern readers. Though we know Percy is no normal kid, where does he find the find the strength to overcome all the challenges that he encounters?

The lightning thief

He goes from a year-old who is unsure of himself and his relationship with his friends and family, to a year-old young man who steps up and leads a war to save Olympus. Most heroes are born out of dire circumstances, and Percy is no exception.

But he does the job anyway, and that is the definition of courage. What kinds of books were your favorites when you were a kid? I had a great English teacher who showed me that The Lord of the Rings the only series I would read at age thirteen was based on Norse myths, and from then on, I was a mythology buff.

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