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Linkin Park song lyrics collection. Browse lyrics and Linkin Park albums. Done (Int'l Maxi DMD) · Transformers - The Album (PDF) Lyrics Linkin Park. Nov 14, Linkin Park Songs Lyrics - Linkin Park Songs And Lyrics: EP: "Xero" () Rhinestone Reading My Eyes Fuse Stick N' Move EP: "Hybrid. Jun 21, Linkin Park Lyrics - Linkin Park Top Songs Lyrics. Numb In The End Castle Of Glass What I've Done Leave Out All The Rest.

Linkin Park Song Lyrics

Linkin Park. On the band's previous single, " Crawling ", a live performance on the song was included as the single's b-side.

From to , the band shortened the song from their set list, removing the second verse and the second chorus. However, the full version was brought back in Music video[ edit ] The music video shows the band in a seemingly haunted house.

They are playing the song in a room with little light with a rather spooky picture sampled from the cover artwork of the Xero demo tape. This was painted by Mike Shinoda the night before the video was shot.

To the right of their room is a dark kitchen that sports a bound and writhing figure likely the paranoid individual referenced in the song ; to the left of their room is what appears to be a laboratory with a strange creature inside. It moves extremely fast and in an erratic manner.

Later in the song, the creature releases dragonflies probably referring to the wings of a Hybrid Theory Soldier , while the baby picture and regions of the left wall bulge.

Drummer Rob Bourdon's eyes appear melted as well using special effects.

Also, there is a statue of a bird which spins its head all the way around, and at one point, Shinoda's fingers stretch. There are parts of the song during which Shinoda is out of sync with the music, and at one point not even moving his mouth while he is speaking. Thank you for you.

Even now when the pain comes flooding back, their music sees me through the darkness. Rest in peace, Chester. It was a meaningful song to me, before I even knew I had a mental illness.

They were the only band in my youth that seemed to understand the battles I fought within myself. Their lyrics spoke for me when I could not.

Linkin Park's All Songs Lyrics

I wish they knew how many times they saved me, when I felt I could not be saved. Cut off from this cruel world.

Your instincts telling you to run. Listen to your heart. Those angel voices. Back home where life leaves us blind.

Love keeps us kind. His voice, the visceral power behind it, just strikes a cord in me that leaves me with chills.

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No matter how down I am, no matter what is going on. I know I can listen to that song and find hope.

It helped me express that anger in a surprisingly healthy way. Rest In Peace, Chester, may you live forever through your music and memories.

Linkin Park Lyrics

To me, it has a very soothing quality. By the end of the song, I would feel that my problems would just melt away.

Rest easy, Chester. Till you blow the speakers right out of my car!

There have been so many dark times in my life, and Chester was there through every single one, reminding me that I was never alone. Even when I had nobody to talk to, nobody who cared enough to ask if I was OK, he was there.Not Alone Single. Antoni Alamsyah. Chapter 1.

Roads Untraveled. Back to School.

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