Keep smartphone and network devices up-to-date. . In this book, we will introduce knowledge about cyber- security from familiar topics, and. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library .. Security workers use honeypots to collect valuable information about new methods and. One of my goals in writing this book was to illuminate some of those black boxes that are so popular in information security books today. On the other hand.

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Basic Internet Security. Post date: 13 Oct This book gives hands-on explanations on how to make your digital communication and data more secure and. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. CISSP® Certified Information Systems Security Professional Study Guide Seventh Edition James CISSP (ISC)2 . Ujjwal Sahay is the Author of the book HACK-X-CRYPT: A STRAI. study in information security, computer forensics, disaster recovery, and end- By.

Please check this page again!!! Book Site. Advances in Security in Computing and Communications This book presents some of the state-of-the-art research work in the field of cryptography and security in computing and communications. Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security: A Solutions View This book provides a comprehensive look at the various facets of cloud security - infrastructure, network, services, Compliance and users.

Android Security Cookbook Keith Makan, et al Practical recipes to delve into Android's security mechanisms by troubleshooting common vulnerabilities in applications and Android OS versions. Web Application Security Guide Jan Schejbal This book provides explicit hacks, tutorials, penetration tests, and step-by-step demonstrations for security professionals and Web application developers to defend their most vulnerable applications.

Web Application Security for Dummies Mike Shema This book is a quick guide to understanding how to make your website secure. Theory and Practice of Cryptography and Network Security Protocols This book discusses some of the critical challenges that are being faced by the current computing world and also describes some mechanisms to defend against these challenges. The Security Development Lifecycle: Nmap Cookbook: The Fat-Free Guide to Network Security Scanning This book provides simplified coverage of network scanning features available in the Nmap suite of utilities.

Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide This book presents wireless pentesting from the ground up, introducing all elements of penetration testing with each new technology.

The Coming Swarm: Juniper SRX Series: Security Engineering: Building Dependable Distributed Systems This book makes it clear just how difficult it is to protect information systems from corruption, eavesdropping, unauthorized use, and general malice.

Handbook of Information Security Management Micki Krause Bringing together the knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools required of IT security professionals, it facilitates the up-to-date understanding required to stay one step ahead of evolving threats, standards, and regulations. Forensic Discovery Dan Farmer, Wietse Venema This book covers both theory and hands-on practice of computer forensics , introducing a powerful approach that can often recover evidence considered lost forever.

Open Source Security Tools: A Practical Guide to Security Apps This book is a practical, hands-on introduction to open source security tools. Cryptography and Security in Computing Jaydip Sen The purpose of this book is to present some of the critical security challenges in today's computing world and to discuss mechanisms for defending against those attacks by using classical and modern approaches of cryptography mechanisms.

Applied Cryptography and Network Security Jaydip Sen This book discusses some of the critical security challenges faced by today's computing world and provides insights to possible mechanisms to defend against these attacks. Security Enhanced Applications for Information Systems this book aims to present a number of innovative security enhanced applications.

Identity Management on a Shoestring Ganesh Prasad, et al This book is aimed at Security and IT practitioners especially architects in end-user organisations who are responsible for implementing an enterprise-wide Identity and Access Management IAM system.

Visual Cryptography and Its Applications Jonathan Weir, et al In this book, one of the data security methods known as visual cryptography VC is presented. Public-Key Cryptography: Theory and Practice Bodo Moeller This book examines multiple aspects of public-key cryptography. Rethinking Public Key Infrastructures and Digital Certificates In this book, the author proposes cryptographic building blocks for the design of digital certificates that preserve privacy without sacrificing security.

Firewalls Complete Marcus Goncalves This info-packed book covers virtually all firewall techniques, technologies, and brands - and even includes a blueprint for designing your own. Wiley's Information Security Book Bundle - A Free Page Sampler Whether you're a seasoned veteran of Information Security or a newcomer, there are valuable lessons and advice in these pages for you. Baier, et al This book explains claims-based identity how to use it in the context of some commonly occurring scenarios.

Leading Security Experts Explain How This book features a collection of essays and insightful analyses by leaders who have found unusual solutions for writing secure code, designing secure applications, addressing modern challenges such as wireless security, and much more.

Nmap Network Scanning: The Official Nmap Guide This book is the official guide to the Nmap Security Scanner, a free and open source utility used by millions of people for network discovery, administration, and security auditing.

Improving Web Services Security: Scenarios and Implementation Using end-to-end application scenarios, this free book shows you how to design and implement authentication and authorization in WCF Windows Communication Foundation.

Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering This book shows Xbox owners how to increase the value and utility of their system, Hacking the Xbox features step-by-step tutorials on hardware modification that teach basic hacking techniques as well as essential reverse engineering skills.

Mastering Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts and DApps The book is intended to serve both as a reference manual and as a cover-to-cover exploration of Ethereum. Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain This book is your guide through the seemingly complex world of Bitcoin , providing the knowledge you need to participate in the internet of money.

Secrets of Network Cartography: A Comprehensive Guide to Nmap In this book, thirteen different Nmap scans are profiled, with advantages, disadvantages, and usage guidelines for each one.

Zwicky, et al This book is is a practical and detailed step-by-step guide to designing and installing firewalls and configuring Internet services to work with a firewall. Own Your Space: Internet Safety: Keeping your Computer Safe on the Internet It covers the basics - the things you must do, the software you must run and the concepts you need to be aware of - to keep your computer and your data safe as you use the internet. Cryptography's Role in Securing the Information Society This book addresses the need for a strong national policy on cryptography that protects the information interests of individuals and businesses while respecting the needs of law enforcement and intelligence for national security and foreign policy purposes.

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Information Security Books

Privilege escalation[ edit ] Privilege escalation describes a situation where an attacker with some level of restricted access is able to, without authorization, elevate their privileges or access level. For example, a standard computer user may be able to fool the system into giving them access to restricted data; or even become " root " and have full unrestricted access to a system.

Main article: Social engineering security Social engineering aims to convince a user to disclose secrets such as passwords, card numbers, etc. IP address spoofing , where an attacker alters the source IP address in a network packet to hide their identity or impersonate another computing system.

Biometric spoofing, where an attacker produces a fake biometric sample to pose as another user. So-called "Evil Maid" attacks and security services planting of surveillance capability into routers are examples.

Cultural concepts can help different segments of the organization work effectively or work against effectiveness towards information security within an organization.


Strategic Planning: to come up with a better awareness program, clear targets need to be set. Clustering[ definition needed ] people is helpful to achieve it.

Operative Planning: a good security culture can be established based on internal communication, management-download-in, and security awareness and a training program. They are: Commitment of the management Courses for all organizational members Commitment of the employees [20] Post-Evaluation: to assess the success of the planning and implementation, and to identify unresolved areas of concern.

Systems at risk[ edit ] The growth in the number of computer systems, and the increasing reliance upon them of individuals, businesses, industries and governments means that there are an increasing number of systems at risk.

Financial systems[ edit ] The computer systems of financial regulators and financial institutions like the U. Securities and Exchange Commission , SWIFT, investment banks, and commercial banks are prominent hacking targets for cyber criminals interested in manipulating markets and making illicit gains. Utilities and industrial equipment[ edit ] Computers control functions at many utilities, including coordination of telecommunications , the power grid , nuclear power plants , and valve opening and closing in water and gas networks.

The Internet is a potential attack vector for such machines if connected, but the Stuxnet worm demonstrated that even equipment controlled by computers not connected to the Internet can be vulnerable.

In , the Computer Emergency Readiness Team , a division of the Department of Homeland Security , investigated 79 hacking incidents at energy companies. The consequences of a successful attack range from loss of confidentiality to loss of system integrity, air traffic control outages, loss of aircraft, and even loss of life.

Consumer devices[ edit ] Desktop computers and laptops are commonly targeted to gather passwords or financial account information, or to construct a botnet to attack another target. Smartphones , tablet computers , smart watches , and other mobile devices such as quantified self devices like activity trackers have sensors such as cameras, microphones, GPS receivers, compasses, and accelerometers which could be exploited, and may collect personal information, including sensitive health information.

WiFi, Bluetooth, and cell phone networks on any of these devices could be used as attack vectors, and sensors might be remotely activated after a successful breach. In many cases this is aimed at financial gain through identity theft and involves data breaches such as the loss of millions of clients' credit card details by Home Depot , [34] Staples , [35] Target Corporation , [36] and the most recent breach of Equifax.

Many people believe the Russian government played a major role in the US presidential election of by using Twitter and Facebook to affect the results of the election.You might think that CBC mode would eliminate the cut-and-paste attack.

Richard Low, a colleague here at SJSU, provided helpful feedback on an early version of the manuscript. In this book, the author proposes cryptographic building blocks for the design of digital certificates that preserve privacy without sacrificing security.

On this basis the committee proposes the effort to define and articulate GSSP.

In , the electoral college delegations of four states were in dispute, and these held the balance. About this book Introduction This book explores fundamental principles for securing IT systems and illustrates them with hands-on experiments that may be carried out by the reader using accompanying software.

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