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Shehr-e-Zaat is a wonderful Urdu novelette written by Umera Ahmed. This short Urdu fiction story is available here for free download and read. Shehr e Zaat is the exploration of the soul. This is the story of a journey that you set on when the realities of your world stop making sense. With her world turned . Shehr e Zaat Novel pdf Download at hamarihub. Pakistan's Best online library. Shehr e Zaat pdf by Umera ahmed. she is a famous writer fro pakistan.

Her novels are basically based on spirituality love emotions and humanity. The writer has also achieved lux award. She got married in and now living a happy life.

Get Yourself a Copy Feb 02, Sweara Ahmed rated it really liked it Shelves: This novel is wow I remember i read it when i was 12 years old.

That part is my favorite. And after Falak go out of the mosque and return back again and found that woman nowhere. This b This novel is wow This book is worth reading again.

Rania rated it it was amazing. I watched the drama first n then get curios to know the end so i read the novel I love the script of the story n specially the conversation between Falak n her grandma.. Its very deep n philosophical.. Its a reality story of pakistan n most of muslim societies nowadays which r totally involved in their lives n forgot the most important thing of our being which is " Allah " n his Worship..

Nov 18, Mohsin Khan rated it really liked it. Oct 27, Nazish Islam rated it it was amazing. The finest piece by Umera Ahmed. Indeed, Allah's love isnt in the fate of everyone: It made me cry and the credit goes to Umera Ahmed who always try to shorten the distance between man and Allah. It could be extreme for many liberals but I always find myself more religious after every piece of Umera Ahmed.

May 11, Shabana Mukhtar rated it really liked it Shelves: Depicting "Ishq-e-Haqiqi" was almost unheard of until then.

A story of Falak and Salman Nasir, two dropdead gorgeous people; but then Falak has a spritual awakening and things change. Beautifully written by Umaira Ahmed! She is phenomenal at writing spiritual themed novels. A girl fell for a narcissist guy and would do anything to be with him. Never realising her love for him, he kept hurting her feelings. The main theme is her journey from "wordly love" to "divine love".

A must-read for those who are compassionate and love emotional yet moral stories. Dec 21, Fahad Naeem rated it liked it Shelves: Though regarded as a great novel by many but I don't admire it much.

Protagonists were not influential. But the plot was touching the bitter realities of life. Comparing to other masterpieces of Umera Ahmed, it was not as great as others. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Amazing book about spirtual awakening.

Main character's transition from haughty n self obsessed woman to a God seeking one is hauntingly beautiful. I didnt like the ending though -she should have continued with her life happily rather than accepting her husband back. Aug 17, Najia rated it it was amazing.

Har cheez ko zawaal hai, siwaye Khuda ki muhabbat kay. This book makes you think, and if it hits you hard enough, it might just change your life. Umera Ahmed never disappoints, truly another masterpiece by her!

Those who have something lacking, or some disfigurement, or some imperfection need make-up. You have no such need! And if he likes something, how can Falak not like it? Miss Rashna Kamal! I am doing all this for this one person, so that his eyes don't stray.

If any face were to remain in his thoughts, it should be this face. If any being is to captivate him, it should be this being. He is so intoxicated with you, that even without all this embellishment he is incapable of looking at anyone else,' Rashna said enviously. Falak was brushing her short hair. Anyone who looked at it once was incapable of looking at anything else ever again. Her eyes had the ability to hypnotize.

Often when she would look in the mirror, she herself would be mesmerized and would think, 'If as a woman I am incapable of turning away from my own image, then how difficult must be for a man!

There are many in the world who get or are granted one thing; but just that one thing. Then there are others who get everything. Every single thing. Falak Sher Afgan belonged to the second category.

She was the only daughter of Sher Afgan Jalil. And he was a prominent industrialist of the country. She was not just liked, she was adored. If her parents could they would have put her on a pedestal. She was conceited and self obsessed. But she had no other failing. Or, perhaps it was so because her great beauty didn't give anyone a chance to find a flaw in her! She was admired and appreciated by everyone, whether it was at home, in school, college or university. Even those girls who were jealous of her, in their heart of hearts wanted to be friends with her.

If someone did not like her and complained about her to others, just a smile, or an enquiry about their welfare would win them over completely. In fact they would be walking on clouds for the next several days.

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They would be on the seventh heaven thinking that Falak Sher Afgan had spoken to them, smiled at them and enquired about them. They would never speak against her again. Often she would win over her critics in this way. Her friends were few and were mostly those she had from her school days. As time passed, these associations were strengthened, but her number of friends did not increase.

Rashna was one of her close friends. And it was with Rashna and Mariam with whom Falak had the greatest interaction. Falak had started receiving proposals for marriage from the time she was in school. But her father had put them all off but very diplomatically. He didn't want her to get married so young.

He also knew that there would never be a dearth of proposals for his daughter. She was not only very beautiful, but she was also his sole heir and would inherit all his money.

So why would this golden goose not attract suitors? She had always studied in a co-educational system, and right from the beginning there were many who sought her out.

But Falak herself did not bother with anyone. Or perhaps she was not attracted to anyone. In fact she would often make fun of those who were in relationships. Rashna often said to her that those who are beautiful do not care so much for others. And as for love?

Shehr-e-Zaat: City Of Self By Umera Ahmed – Book Review

Well they love even less! Falak would laugh at this. Falak met Salman Ansar at the wedding of her friend's sister being held at the Avari. She was sitting with her friends near the swimming pool.

As usual she was attracting a lot of attention and she knew it too! But she wasn't worried about this. It started out as a monthly digital Urdu magazine where new writers could get their works published. It has now developed into Pakistan's first digital Urdu self-publishing platform where writers can take control of their own publishing needs.

Since its inception in till now, it has published more than new writers, held regular annual writing competitions, introduced a number of screenplay writers, and works as a training ground for up and coming Urdu writers.

She has also contributed to Alif Nagar as an author. Alif Nagar also publishes a monthly magazine of the same name directed for the kids between ages 7—14 years.

Script Consultancy[ edit ] Umera Ahmed has also been working as a script consultant for many years. She has worked with all major TV channels and production houses in Pakistan. TV serials and plays written under her guidance have gone on to win awards, achieve critical acclaim, and accomplish commercial success. She has helped launch TV careers for many new screenwriters. Daraar[ edit ] Daraar was a serial written by Qaisera Hayat under guidance and supervision of Umera Ahmed.

It was on aired in on Ary Digital. It was on aired in on Hum TV. It was a huge hit. Dooriyan[ edit ] Dooriyan was a serial written by Sumaira Hameed under guidance and supervision of Umera Ahmed. Abroo[ edit ] Abroo was a serial written by Qaisera Hayat under guidance and supervision of Umera Ahmed.

It was on aired in last quarter of on Hum TV. It was on aired in on Express Entertainment. It was on aired in last quarter of on Express Entertainment.There was no mentioned of Allah or anything about Islam. It was on aired in on A Plus. DPReview Digital Photography. Before taking up writing full-time, she also taught at Army Public College, Sialkot's Cambridge wing. This realization made her feel jealousy for the first time in her life.

Shehar e Zaat

I'll take you to them. Daraar[ edit ] Daraar was a serial written by Qaisera Hayat under guidance and supervision of Umera Ahmed. And as for love? Ramshah introduced Falak to Jamshed. Learn more about site Prime.

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